Tp Scooter Maximillian II (2nd hand)

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Tp Scooter Maximillian II (2nd hand)

We offer a well-checked and adjusted second hand version of Maximillian II TP Scooter. You can choose needed battery for it weather second hand or new, lithium or Lead-Acid.



  • Guarantee

6 months of guarantee of the new batteries.

1 year of guarantee of the scooter.


  • Technical prescription

 Actuation Low maintenance direct drive, protected against contamination, with free-sheel, TP patent
Brakes Front/rear disc brake system with automatic motor cutoff
Suspension Front polymer suspension fork, adjustable rear swing arm suspension
Frame Hardened steel flat tube frame with extra wide handlebar
Tyres 12.5" motorbike racing tyres on aluminium rims with self-sealing tube
Seat post Tapered seat post in baseball bat look
Plate Movable number plate holder
Rear mirror Downward-mounted rear mirror, designed by Giovanni Sellari
Paintworks Black, matt
Dimension Roadworthy approx. 139 long x 66 wide x 113 cm high
Folded up approx. 139 long x 35 wide x 62 cm high
Weight Approx. 30 Kg (excluding battery)
Battery weight Approx. 14.5 Kg
Battery charger Special rechargeable battery-friendly charger with LED indicator and reverse battery protection (36V, 1670 mA)
Fittings Key for ignition lock and battery compartment, oversteering limit, retention points for luggage rack, horn and bell
Max speed 32 Km/h
Range Depending on the battery
Charging time Approx. 5 hours with original battery charger
Approval With EU approval for road service


More information about Scooter you can find in the New Maximilian II Description.