TP Scooter Ideal for beach and city tour on a sunny day, the TP e-scooter indeed is a new word in the “green” industry. The scooter has become the favourite vehicle among tourists in Barcelona, and its popularity is continuously growing. With its capability to ride 30km in a row, the TP scoot considerably relieves one’s care in terms of charging matters. Dynamic and agile, it accommodates to road situation with an ease, and will serve you faithfully regardless of your plans.

1 hour from 25 € (your own guide and helmet included)
1/2 day from 60 €

Renault Twizy This electric car is a true friend for those willing to explore Barcelona far and wide. Available in two versions (45 model with the max speed of 47 km/h and 80 model with the max of 82 km/h), the car is both comfortable and fun to ride. Its ability to withstand up to 80 km without recharge makes it an ideal option not only for touristic sightseeing, but also for purposeful transportation within the city area. A stylish design and the energy-efficiency factor constitute the most outstanding advantages of Twizy, which are genuinely appreciated by our customers.

1 hour from 20 €
1 day from 60 €

E-Bike Our electric bikes are particularly popular among tourists interested in the city sightseeing. And this is not surprising, due to its capacity of 100 km of ride without charging and increased comfortability level. Our e-bikes can become loyal companions for people with various lifestyles. Whether your goal is to reduce riding time for a purpose, or acquire a new biking experience, the e-bike will help to fulfil it!

1 hour from 10 €
1 day from 35 €

E-Step This vehicle is can be used by people of almost all ages. Quick enough to provide one with unprecedented sensations, it is as well quite plain in use due to its extremely compact sizes. Small, yet powerful, the e-step becomes an apparent option when it comes to choosing which vehicle to hire in order to have a tour through the tight alleys of Barcelona, or simply roll along the beach. Once tested, it will leave you with joyful emotions and a strong desire to try it out once again or even get your own!

1 hour from 25 € (your own guide and helmet included)
1/2 day from 60 €

Cargo Bike Our cargo bike is a real trouvaille for those who are reluctant to commence serious physical efforts. With a huge basket with 100 kg capacity, it is as well a perfect choice for families with little children. As an electric vehicle, this bike is quite comfortable and easy to control during the ride. We highly recommend cargo bike for any kind of trips when travelling with the dearest ones!

1 hour from 15 €
1 day from 60 €